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Should I wrap my vehicle?

Print your logo, phone number and website on vinyl and apply it. Make a wish for some results and hit the road.

That's how MOST brands approach a vehicle wrap. There's ONE ingredient to the formula above that is missing, and it's the catalyst that will make your vehicle turn heads instead of blending in like all the other vehicle wraps on the road, the water, or in the air. Great design. The investment in using a well thought out design, and clever creative will make or break your vehicle. You'll either be driving around wondering where your money went, or you'll be getting reactions from everyone who views your vehicle creating a memorable brand, phone number, website.... it all starts with a little Good Thinking.

Latest vehicle designs

Cost Effective

Vehicle wraps are the most cost effective form of outdoor advertising available. Plan your design for a three year lifespan and the cost of that marketing tool is somewhat minimal. Simply compare the costs over the same period for a billboard, yellow pages, or monthly magazine advertising. Not only will your design get your name recognised in more places and provide your brand with credibility, but you're initiating a fun, entertaining form of advertising, and we all like to smile.


Wouldn't it be great if you had a billboard for a month, but instead of having all cars passing it and pedestrians walking by it, you could actually take it to places and show it off. Good Thinking! that's exactly what a vehicle wrap is... a moving billboard. Perhaps your brand or product is targeted towards teens... why not park your vehicle(s) around high schools in the afternoons? Perhaps you're advertising a sports drink... take your billboard with you to the local sports fields this Saturday, or the main event on a Saturday night?

Vehicle Protection

Like a layer of protective clothing, adhesive vinyl will look after the paint work on your car. If you're wanting to protect your investment, giving it greater resale value, then a vehicle wrap is a great move. The durability of the vinyl prevents stone chips, fading and scratching over the period of your wrap which is usually around three years. When it's time for removal, the vinyl is easily removed leaving no adhesives residues behind, and revealing a pristine paint finish as good as the day the vinyl was applied.

High Quality Vehicle Wrapping

Like any great design, a plan starts first. Sketches turn in to visuals, visuals turn in to concepts, to developments, to artwork, to print, application and then delivery.

GWDesign will sketch up with you the finest looking visual concepts so you can begin to visualise the end result of your on the road branding machine. Our visuals and concepts are always applied directly to photographs of your ACTUAL vehicle giving you the most realistic impression of the final results.

Once concepts are signed off and agreed upon, the magic happens and the large format files are built to suit your vehicle. Post production follows and the process is moved to the print house where the ink is applied to the vinyl, and then a protective laminate applied. Specialist applicators prepare the vehicle, apply the vinyl, heat the car to cure the application, and your vehicle is ready to be picked up.

The number one question of all… and the hardest question to answer. To give you a quick and easy idea on scope of the project, listed below are ball park ideas which include full creative, print and laminate (if applicable) and application. The prices are only relative indications, not exact quotes. Let's get together to discuss your requirements.

Cost Effective Vehicle Wraps

One or two colour vinyl cut design applied to small vehicle.

Full wrap using vinyl cut graphics, or part wrap digital print, or combination of both.

Full wrap of entire vehicle with digital print, reflectives, chromes, matt finishes etc.